Albert Acebrón


Currently an exchange student at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

Majoring in:
Mathematics (GPA: 9.2/10)
Computer Science (GPA: 9.3/10)
Telecommunications (GPA: 9.52/10)

Top 1st (2016-2017) and top 5th (2017-2018) by grades in UAB’s Engineering Faculty (~3000 students)
First in degree (~300 students) every year

Taught an extracurricular course on AI at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona


Currently working on SafuDEX

Created WaifuChain, an ERC721 token that allows digital ownership of waifus and aims to provide digital waifus for companionship

Creator of SafeSol, the topic of my talk at ETHCC Paris 2019 and a future talk at Devcon V

Author of EIP 1815, an EIP that standarizes blind auction contracts on Ethereum

Previously working on, a startup that used AI to automate online marketing for small businesses

I have also contributed to several open-source projects, especially Ethereum-related ones like the Solidity compiler or MetaMask